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We as we are:

    Enterprise originates from the pork plant "Lukna", yet founded in 1976. In 2016 there will be 40 years of a successful maintenance of Daugavpils & nearby areas with high qualified pork by our complex.
    Certificated by the European Union slaughterhouse & production department, provide Latgales Bekons' trading places & trading nets of Latvia with exellent pork & ready made food.
    The pork plant consists of 9 campus buildings for taking care of the cattle & occupies 9,2 hectares.
    Simultaneously there are 7000 animals in the complex. The whole circle beginning with breeding & finishing with realisation is organised at a high level.


Latgales Bekons enterprise combines traditional and contemporary cattle farming that demonstrates irreproachable and delicious taste.


The shops immediately get all meat products directly from the plant avoiding the storages. Thus, it means that our customers are always provided only with fresh and delicious foodstuffs!

Only highly qualified products for customers!

    We live & work only due to our customers, who support us with their choice.
    Besides qualified & fresh meat, we offer our consumers semi-finished products: barbecues, kupati (raw sausauges for frying), cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, grill sausauges & ready made rolls. Only natural spices are used for their production: pepper, garlic, laurel lea, onion, carrot, parley, dill & lemons.
    We are not ashamed of our products!

Anna Tenisa
(President & CEO)



We provide our animals with comfort, strict vet control & good food. It gives an apportunity to get ecologically pure & perfect pork of high quality.